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Network Repair service:

Network repair services include installing, upgrading and, troubleshooting your network. This includes but not limited to, network connectivity issues and, reconfiguring your network, workstations and, servers for maximum efficiency.


Network Creation and design:


From the name of the company you have no doubt that this is Network Creations specialty. We can design and build your network from scratch, including building your server and workstations. Server design is customized to you needs and configured to maximize functionality with your workstations and printers. Whether your company has 1, 5 or 50 users, Network Creations has a solution for you.


Network Administration:


After your network is built, Network creations can administer and configure your network for a centralized solution of your shared folders, printers, and applications. We offer enterprise level configuration utilizing Active Directory, users, computers, groups and organizational units. We also can configure remote access for administration or applications.


Internet Service:


Network Creations is also a reseller of Clear Internet service for Business or home. This service can be purchased separately, setup with you existing network or the network we build for you.  Please call for details and pricing packages.



Service Fee

Basic Computer & Network Repair

Advanced Networking , Server Installation and/or Configuration.


 *1 hour Minimum



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