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Network Creations offers different computer services and also different ways for these services to be performed.

Onsite Service:

 The most common way is onsite service, which is provided for the charge you see in the right column. There is a one hour minimum charge of $69.00 and each additional hour is a prorated at $69.00  (For example,  if the service is a hour and fifteen minutes you would be charged $86.25 not $138.00).

Shop Service:

Another way is shop service were as, your computer is picked up and, delivered after it has been repaired. This is a flat fee and is $125.00 for Clients in Clayton and Henry counties. For Clients in Atlanta, Douglasville, Conyers, Covington, Fayetteville and, Peachtree City, there is an additional $25.00 trip fee for a total of $150.00.  Network Creations is a mobile service so, you may not bring your computer to us. If your are not comfortable with shop service then we will be happy to help you onsite.

For both onsite and shop service if parts are needed there will be additional charges. 

Network Creations also builds custom computers for gaming or any other special needs.

Below  is the agreement for onsite and shop service. Feel free to download/save them for future service or just read them over.

Thank you.

Network and Computer Services Agreement.pdf


Service Fee

Basic Computer & Network Repair

Advanced Networking , Server Installation and/or Configuration.


 *1 hour Minimum




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